Below is a 1977 news account exposing the 1972 discovery of the remains of Dr. Hans Neuman at a camp just outside of Magdalena, Bolivia.  It was Neuman's work, along with that of the rest of his team that made human cloning possible. The 1972 discovery remained unknown to the public until this 1977 news account lifted the veil of silence.  Interestingly, APN never wrote about this story again.  (The seemingly healthy company filed for bankruptcy in 1978) Alberto Fuentes, the reporter on this story, went to Miami in November of 1977 in pursuit of a story about money laundering and a Bolivian drug smuggling ring.  After stepping off an Eastern Airlines flight at Miami International, he was never seen again.  

  Pictured is Dr Hans Neuman and his bride Rose at their 1937 wedding in Reinberg, Germany.  Rose died in a plane crash in 1943.  The other two people in the picture are unidentified.  

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